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How will SUBCOP contribute to European Security?

SUBCOP takes a holistic approach to resolving a PBIED situation. It is necessary to keep the public safe and to intervene without risking the lives of the responding police. At the same time, an individual that is suspected of carrying a PBIED has rights that must be protected. History has shown that a PBIED suspicion can be without grounds, and that a false suspicion can have a tragic outcome.
SUBCOP will both consider existing technological means for resolving the situation as well as develop new capabilities.
SUBCOP will also consider procedures for their use.

What does the acronym "SUBCOP" stand for?

SUBCOP stands for Suicide Bomber Counteraction and Prevention.

What does PBIED mean?

A PBIED is a person borne improvised explosive device; in common language a suicide bomber.
As the name indicates, the explosive device can contain any kind of explosive; military, commercial or homemade.
Often the explosive is combined with some sort of efficiency enhancer to increase the lethal effects.

How are PBIE D's handled today?

In an acute PBIED situation the only way to protect every involved party is to stop the suicide bomber at any cost.
The recommended counteraction to take is to immediately kill the attacker by a shot through the head.

What is SUBCOP going to deliver?

Building on an inventory of existing non-lethal technological tools for PBIED intervention, SUBCOP will
develop technology demonstrators for use in PBIED situations and deliver a response guidance training tool.
An ethical guidance document is another SUBCOP outcome.

How do we ensure that the SUBCOP outcome is substantiated and the PBIED countermeasures realistic?

The first phase of SUBCOP is focused on gathering the relevant information from end users and defining the outlying issues.
SUBCOP has end user organizations within the consortium, but is also supported by an external end user advisory board.

How will SUBCOP handle ethical issues?

Ethical considerations are essential in assessing proportional and justifiable responses, and are integrated into the development
of the guidance tool and to the technology selection.

In addition, SUBCOP's ethics advisory board oversees all efforts undertaken within the project.

How do you ensure that the SUBCOP outcome is not being misused?

SUBCOP is a Security Classified project. Most partners involved have long experience in working with classified information.
The European Commission has strict rules on how to work with and share classified information.
Classified information can only be shared on a need to know and right to know basis.

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