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PBIED's in modern Europe

There have been a number of PBIED attacks within Europe in recent years, luckily not always with the attempted effect.
Below are a few of the often mentioned attacks.

Stockholm suicide bomb threat in Gamla Stan, June 19th 2014
On June 19th 2014, a man walks into the offices of the organization Civil Rights Defenders and ... more

Terrorist attacks in Paris, November 13th 2015
In a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in the Paris ... more

Terrorist attacks in Brussels, March 22nd 2016
On the morning of March 22nd 2016, ... more

EgyptAir Flight 181 hijacking on March 29th 2016
Claiming to be wearing a suicide bomb belt, ... more

London bombings, July 7th 2005

Three PBIED's exploded ... more

In the aftermath of the failed London bombings, July 21st 2005...

Today, if there is an imminent threat from a PBIED to civilians ... more

Stockholm suicide bomber, December 11th 2010

On the late afternoon of December 12th 2010 ... more

Project approach to applying Less than lethal countermeasures... more

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