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Project description

SUBCOP addresses the extraordinary challenge of how to intervene in a suicide bombing event using less than lethal means.

SUBCOP sets out to develop technologies and procedures that can be applied by the Police Security Forces when responding to a suspected PBIED (Person Borne Improvised Explosive Device). The core objectives for SUBCOP are to consider;

  • the available technological tools for less than lethal PBIED intervention,
  • the novel procedures for their application, and
  • the development of new less than lethal capabilities

SUBCOP addresses the course of action to take when an alert to a possible PBIED has been issued and an attack may be imminent.
It acknowledges that an alert may only give cause for suspecting the presence of a PBIED, and that this suspicion can be of lower or higher confidence.
SUBCOP will develop guidance as to what response to a PBIED that is ethically and socially justifiable for such a given situation.
SUBCOP is insensitive to how the alert is raised, should it be based on detection of explosives or explosive devices,
informants' reporting, or other intelligence sources.
SUBCOP is a collaborative three year project between 11 different organizations from six European Union and associated states. The project is financed by the European Union through the 7 th Framework Programme.

PBIED's in modern Europe

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