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SUBCOP deliverables

The following project Deliverables are Public:

D5.1 PBIED Ethical guidance document

In setting up D 5.1 PBIED Ethics Guidelines Document, the European policy with regard to emerging security technologies, to which less-than-lethal technologies are an important part, has been considered. This policy is premised upon the respect for the principle of the rule of law, in particular for the values, principles and human rights as enshrined by the European Convention of Fundamental Rights (ECHR).
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D5.2 Legal Considerations report

Within the SUBCOP context this report considers legal issues which may be relevant when the objective is the apprehension and disarming of a subject suspected of carrying a PBEID, in a manner which is less than lethal. In every scenario it has been assumed that the threat of injury or death will exist for first responders, the public and/or the perpetrator. Inevitably, therefore, depending upon the severity of the threat, a decision may have to be made as to the manner of apprehension, which may require the giving of priority in terms of safety to one individual or set of individuals over another. This, in turn, could well have legal consequences which may impact upon the decision.
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